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China W

China Airmail Cover w/ side torn, crease


China, CIP Issues, 29 Used Stamps, Seven Diff w/$1, Each Value w/Shade Varieties




CHINA PRC SC#799-803, Petroleum Industry S67 CTO NH w/OG


CHINA PRC SC#783-90, Bronze Vessels of the Yin Dynasty S63 Mint NH w/OG


China, 1949 Airmail Cover w/ 8 Formosa Overprinted Stamps, Kaohsiung to US


China, 1937 Airmail Cover w/ Block of 8, SYS $5000, Liling, Hunan to US


China Cover 1946 Reg w/ Stamps 4x values back stamped to NY


China 1979 F.D.C. w/ block Mi#Bl 16 CV=500 euro


China 1912 postcad w/stamps from China to England via Siberia(18.4.12)


China 1946 official airmail cover w/stamps #672,671,665 multi-franking


China 1924 official mail cover w/stamps from Changsha to USA via Shanghai


China 1947 reg/airmail cover w/stamps #699,695,627 from Nanking to England


China, 1940's Japanese Occupation Military Mail, w/ North China Ovpts to Peking


China 1941 official reg/airmail cover w/stamps from Chungking to England


China 1946 parcel post cover w/stamps #669,665 from Chungking to Nanking


China 1949 official airmail cover w/stamps from Shanghai(10.3.49) to USA


China 1947 airmail within country cover w/stamps #691,695 multi-franking


China 1945 registered airmail cover w/stamps checked by censorship


CHINA PRC SC#791-94, Agricultural Students S66 Mint NH w/OG


China 1945 within country cover w/stamp #647 double revalued 1$:200$:1ct


China 1946 within country cover w/set of stamps #765-770 from Shanghai


China 1948 airmail cover w/stamps from Shanghai(20.8.48) to England


China 1948 within country cover w/stamps #866 A, from Kutsing(14.


China 1949 airmail within country cover w/stamps #968,965,1009 mixed franking


China 1947 within country cover w/stamps from Wuchang to Shanghai(15.2.47)


China 1918 cover w/stamps from Canton to USA


China 1968 W5 Used Set (Stain) Revolution Literature and Art


China 1940 parcel post within country cover w/stamps


China 1931 registered mail cover w/stamp to Wien, Austria via Siberia(USSR)


China 1939 airmail cover w/stamps to Stockholm via Hong Kong(12.8.39) and London


China 1947 registered airmail cover w/stamps from Shanghai(30.8.47) to USA


China 1947 airmail cover w/stamps from Peiping(30.7.47) to USA


China 1946 within country cover w/stamps #667,668 to Shanghai(1.4.46)


China 1945 parcel post within country(10.12.45) cover w/stamps


China 1937 official mail cover w/stamps from Tientsin(23.7.37) to USA


P R CHINA 1970 W19 Set "The cultural revolution stamp " (Jin xunhua ) MNH


China 1948 reg/airmail cover w/stamps from Shanghai(17.5.48) to USA(21.5.48)


China 1941 reg/aimail cover w/stamps from Shanghai(6.2.41) to USA(28.02.41)